Friday, February 8, 2013

How do you manage it?

Social media that is. I am having a hard time keeping up with it all, and all I do is blog (obv) and have a facebook account. I don’t tweet, pin, instagram, flickr or whatever else there is out there and still I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I love blogging and being part of the online sewing community, and as an introvert (an INTJ personality according to Myers Briggs) I love communicating by the written word. I will always send an email in preference to making a phone call for instance.

But I need to figure out a way of using social media tools more effectively.

I post sporadically, forget to check my comments and get shy about replying to people who take the time to comment or email me, forget to keep up with the comments I post on other blogs and my Reader is areal mess and needs a serious tidy up.
Which blog did you say you wanted to leave a comment on? Oh dear, where HAVE you been. Nobody's commenting there anymore. You really need to pop on over to.......
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Any tips? How do you use social media? Are you online all the time or do you restrict yourself to one timeslot a week? Are you tech savvy or a bit clueless like me?


  1. Sorry I'm no help, like you I only have the blog. I don't tweet, instagram or facebook, would loose my days/nights with all of those.

  2. I find I'm a lot more active on social media since I got my iPhone---I have apps for most of the programs, including my blog, that notify me when I get comments and things like that. And it's always with me, to be checked when it's convenient (like in the bathroom... bet you didn't need that mental image. ;) )

    Don't you have very young twins and a ton of other things happening in life? Social media isn't an obligation, it's supposed to be fun. Do as much as is comfy, don't sweat the rest. :)

  3. Wow, I never heard of INTJ but it certainly described me to a T! Thanks for that bit. Think I'll go read it again...

  4. If its any consolation I'm the same and I have a 'stupid' phone from the dark ages :/. I only do FB for one sewing group and not every day. I do check my blog and reader most evenings and some mornings but otherwise not every day. Its supposed to be fun right?

    Anyway, I've just spent four evenings over a week setting up Google Reader and transferring all my Wordpress, Blogger and email feeds there. 287 later and there's no way I can read them all everyday. Sigh.

  5. I am glad I am not the only one who isn't doing everything!
    The twins are now down to only one nap of about an hour during the day (Tanit Isis, they are now 19 months old) so my time in front of the computer really is dwindling. At least they don't mind me sewing while they wreck the house!

  6. I'm also an INTJ.

    I'm not very good at social media. My strategy has been to be find-able. But really you have to consider *why*. You may not need it. I use it to keep a pulse on what's going on with popular culture because that is my weakest area. I never know who all these people that people are talking about, are.

    My strategy is also passive. I sift what comes in to discover new things -which is how I found your site today. Someone commented on my blog so I went to their blog and found a link to your site. A bit of serendipity perhaps but it works for me.

  7. I just realised I havent blogged since last April! I facebook alot. But I Instagram. Instagram is my form of blogging, its alot quicker, and alot of bloggers that I follow on my blog also IG, so I have found I prefer IG. Mainly for the speed, I can do it on my Iphone, plus i get notifications of comments etc