Friday, March 1, 2013

Blue ribbon day

Last weekend we had our annual Show, and I wasn’t going to enter this year but then decided to at the last minute, so had to figure out what I could sew quickly, at a good enough standard to enter the sewing section of the Pavilion Exhibits and be a useful garment for one of the kiddos!

This Burda tunic that I made for Miss C many moons ago has had lots of wear, so I figured making another in the same size would mean that Miss C would have a new summer top, and then I would have 2 tops to pass down to the twins. And I had all the fabric and notions on hand, and the pattern was already traced!

And it is also a super quick top to make and has plenty of potential for cuteness.

Burda tunic 03-2008-132B
And lo and behold, I ended up with a first prize and blue ribbon (although as I suspected last year, I was the only entrant in my particular section. And it is a good thing that sewing is the only craft that I have any skill in, as the competition in the embroidery and quilting sections was fierce!).

Apple print cotton remnant and vintage lace trim on sleeve and hem.

Vintage spot fabric used for facings.
We are very lucky to have such a great show for a small community ,so next year I am going to try to branch out and try something new, like photography or flower arranging where I will really find out if I have any talent!


  1. Congratulations! Cute dress!!!

  2. Well done and Miss C looks so chuffed that her Mum got a blue ribbon!

  3. Cool a win! How lovely and Miss C looks very cute in her lovely little top.

    I really like the lace trim - what a good idea. Such a small thing adds so much to the top. Lovely

  4. Thanks everyone! We are still having warm weather so the top has already had some wear!