Monday, March 25, 2013

Here goes nothing!

Last night I cut into my fabric, without making a toile, of a pattern I have never sewn before, and which has received mixed reviews.

It is a basic shift style dress though, that essentially hangs from the shoulder without fitting the body, so I shouldn’t get into too much trouble.

And with no closures, pockets or fusing to do I should have something respectable by the end of the week.

And the best part is that I have enough fabric left for a pair of pants that I am thinking might be a goer for Patternreview’s Pantone Colour Contest.

Because I just don’t know what I would do with myself without a deadline hanging over my head!


  1. Yes deadlines why do we do it with our sewing. Look forward to seeing your finished dress.

  2. Oh deadlines! At least that means you are no longer sick and the girls are better??

    Happy sewing this weekend ... can't wait to see how you get on.