Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sick kids and sewing competitions don't mix

Oh boy, this week has been a doozy! We have had high temps, doctor visits, wobbly teeth, dentist visits, last minute dashes to the chemist to stock up on medicine, no sleep, and now I have come down with whatever the girls have been battling with.

Hence, no sewing to speak of!

I was thinking that this Rebecca Taylor Vogue pattern might be the right choice for the Gridlock fabric, but those pleats on the front and back shoulder could make me look more Gridiron than Gridlock!

So I think I will save this pattern for another time.

Tick, tick, tick...............


  1. It doesn't rain but poor at your house, agree those pleats and the fabric would not be a good match. Take care of yourself.

  2. Oh no I shall have to read ahead to check that you have all recovered and the search for gridlock heaven was successful.