Sunday, March 17, 2013

This aint the dress.....

Eeeyew! I wonder how long I have had old lady hands for!

It could be quite a nice dress, if I go down a size and if I make it in the right fabric, like say a nice lightweight black linen, but it’s definitely not the right dress for Gridlock.

I bought this pattern (a surprisingly restrained Anna Sui for Vogue) aeons ago and have always wondered how it would look made up.

I toiled the size 12 in calico, and I really just need to make a 10, and it will be quite a nice shift style dress.

All the pieces go together quite nicely, the instructions are straightforward and I really like the curved pocket detail on the front. The gathered neckline though just won’t work for the Gridlock fabric, which is way too thick, so I will have to look for a pattern that has no gathering, pleating and with only 2 weeks to go, not too many seams!


  1. Oh dear that it is huge but look forward to seeing it in the smaller size as that curved pocket on the front is a great detail. Now two weeks, not to many seams you are giving yourself a challenge.

  2. Thanks Sharon, it will be a nice dress in the future! The SWAP deadline is looming as well isn't it?

  3. Yes it is and I'm wondering if I will make it but fingers crossed Easter will see the Trench finished!