Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today is my lucky day

I found out today that I was the winner of the Drape Drape 3 giveaway over at Fashion Incubator. Yay!

I never win anything, and when I do buy raffle tickets I always put them in someone else’s name, like my mum or my kids, to improve my chances!

So I am really really thrilled. I was thinking of what to make for this winter (after the Tessuti and Patternreview contests of course) and some of the styles in this book are really lovely.

Are you a ‘lucky’ person? Have you ever won anything by luck (rather than effort, that’s a whole different thing!)?


  1. That's fantastic and look forward to seeing your creation from Drape Drape 3.

    All I will say is that polyester satin is being sewn this weekend, fingers crossed!

  2. Oh wow you lucky thing. Enjoy leafing through the book and finding future makes, when you have a minute to spare :)