Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drape Drape 3 WIP

This is a quick post to show you what I am working on at the mo.
I have a busy couple of weeks coming up, so it may be some time before I get to a) finish it and b) photograph it.

It is my first go at one of the styles from Drape Drape 3, which I was very fortunate to receive courtesy of Fashion Incubator and Laurence King.

I couldn't find any reviews or other reference to it in blogland, and while the instructions are in English, and the drawings are very clear, I have needed to 'fill in the blanks' a bit!

And I am out of my comfort zone sewing jersey, so it will be interesting to see what it looks like on.

This is the photo from the book.

And this is the tech sketch and instructions.

This is mine on the dummy.
Let me just tighten this bit a bit............
Do you think your bum will look big in this Mum?
At this point I think it will be a bit tighter than I expected (I have made the largest size) and probably a bit longer than expected but we shall see!

What's on your sewing table at the moment?