Thursday, June 20, 2013

Duffel coat....done and dusted!

I am really pleased with how this coat turned out. The fit on Miss C is great, she is happy to wear it, and best of all it's super toasty warm!
I am also really happy that I managed to make the entire project from what I had on hand, even the thread was leftover from other projects!

I will let the photos do the talking. Detailed info about the pattern and sewing at the end!


Hood on!

Hood off!

Fastening detail

Sleeve detail

Hood fastening

I am pretty sure the stylists assistants don't get to play in the dirt on a Vogue shoot!

You said I could have a go with the camera Mum! Oh all right then!
Burdastyle 10/2011. I combined the boys and girls version of the pattern, tracing the girls size 110, lengthening it, and using the patch pocket and flap from the boys style.

Vintage wool fabric for the coat
Viscose jersey for the hood lining
Poly/cotton gingham for the lining
Mystery ribbing for the sleeve 'windcatcher'

This is a beautifully drafted coat. All the pieces went together without a hitch. I did have to pay attention during the prep stage though, but once the pattern was traced, fabric was cut and the fusing applied, the sewing was pretty fast. Miss C did complain about the fabric being 'scratchy', but fortunately the lining and rib detail at the sleeve means the outer fabric never really touches her skin while she is wearing it.

Patternreview is here.

Now if I was really smart I would have made two for the twins to grow into!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why is my shoe missing its shoelace?

Because the lace has found a new home on Miss C's duffel coat!

I had quite a difficult time finding a suitable fastening for this coat. I really wanted to use the traditional wooden toggles and cord, but the only supplies I had in the stash were black or white, which just didn't work with the grey/green wool. I did have the perfect buttons though, but I didn't want to do buttonholes on the thick wool, and I did try to do self fabric strips, but the wool was just way too bulky.

And then I had the bright idea to use shoelaces. And my running shoes (which despite being purchased 6 months ago at the post Christmas sales, still look brand new) fitted the bill.

So I am one shoelace down, but nearly one jacket finished. Now just to sew the lining to the hems, pop on the buttons and its done!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


We have had a bit of an odd lead up to winter here, warm sunny days, cold windy days, gloomy rainy days, a frost and some foggy mornings, and so I have spent the better part of the last few weeks sorting clothes into various piles in order to see who needs what for the colder months and put together some kind of sewing strategy.

The twins have got loads of hand me downs, and growing oh so fast, so I probably won’t sew much for them this winter, and I am pretty much sorted, but poor Miss C’s one and only winter jacket from last year is a size 4! She must have fitted into it last year, as it’s the only one she has, and as we pretty much walk everywhere we need to go, it was pretty urgent to get something together for her before it really gets cold.

As she is now a very headstrong 6 year old, I figured that if I wanted her to actually wear the jacket then I should let her pick the fabric and pattern. I narrowed down the choices and we ended up with this.

The pattern is a Burda duffel coat from the 10/2011 issue and the fabric is a bit of a hodge podge collection of different pieces. The body is a remnant from my MIL’s stash (and has been in my stash for about 8 years), the lining is a poly cotton gingham remnant, and the hood lining is a lovely soft viscose jersey.
I think it is going well so far, but oh so slowly!

I haven’t attempted anything like this for a long time so I have really had to concentrate.

It took two nights to trace the pattern, one night to cut the wool, another night to cut the linings, another night to fuse, and today I managed to get the yokes, hood and seams of the coat done. Phew!

I had forgotten what a joy wool is to sew. This piece is vintage, probably 1970’s, and extremely good quality, so it presses and handles beautifully. I could never afford to buy wool like this today, so I am lucky that I was able to squeeze the pieces onto the slightly less than 1 metre that I had.

The fit though is very slim, so I will be lucky if she gets two seasons out of it, still if she likes it and actually wears it this winter than I will count that as a win!

Now just to get it finished before it snows.