Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why is my shoe missing its shoelace?

Because the lace has found a new home on Miss C's duffel coat!

I had quite a difficult time finding a suitable fastening for this coat. I really wanted to use the traditional wooden toggles and cord, but the only supplies I had in the stash were black or white, which just didn't work with the grey/green wool. I did have the perfect buttons though, but I didn't want to do buttonholes on the thick wool, and I did try to do self fabric strips, but the wool was just way too bulky.

And then I had the bright idea to use shoelaces. And my running shoes (which despite being purchased 6 months ago at the post Christmas sales, still look brand new) fitted the bill.

So I am one shoelace down, but nearly one jacket finished. Now just to sew the lining to the hems, pop on the buttons and its done!

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  1. What a great idea, who says we don't think outside the box when sewing!