Monday, July 15, 2013

Not a maxi skirt

Actually, it is a maxi skirt, I’m just not telling myself it’s a maxi skirt.

Up until now I have sidestepped the whole maxi trend, assuming that the style wouldn’t work for me. Most of the styles I have seen are usually made up in a floaty, printed fabric that just isn’t me, and while I am not averse to the neck to ankle look, gadding about in full length garb generally doesn’t mix with my current lifestyle (in other words, I don’t need to get my legs tangled up in extra fabric while trying to catch small children before they climb the bookshelves).

But then I saw This skirt on a new to me blog School Gate Style, and I realised that I could maybe try one out for me.

I had the fabric, dark grey cotton jersey in the stash, I had the pattern (a sort of self drafted flared skirt that I attached to the waistband from these Burda pants) and I even had the overlocker set up with the right amount of thread cones and ball point needles.

And I really needed a no brain project after the concentration sapping duffle coat (which I have now realised that I have spelt incorrectly all over the web!).

There is probably a tad too much flare in the skirt, I basically flared the skirt enough to just fit the pattern piece on the fabric width, but it doesn’t bother me enough to alter it.

Otherwise I am quite pleased with it, although I have yet to actually venture out of the house wearing it!

And if you have a hankering for one of your own, this pattern would be a good fit.