Thursday, August 29, 2013

New/old jumpsuit as a cami

I managed to churn out another version of the vintage McCalls that I used for Miss C’s jumpsuit. I had the intention of making a dress, but I didn’t cut the skirt with enough fullness, so we decided to make it into a cami instead, which I think will actually end being much more wearable than a dress.

Vintage cotton check from the stash. The check was way off grain, so I didn’t’ even attempt to match checks on the horizontal, and I could have been a little more careful placing the centre front of the bodice in a better position. I used a little scrap of vintage orange ric rac, vintage seersucker for the button tab and straps, and Miss C chose the buttons from the stash. So all up another stash project done!

So that means I have made this pattern twice in two weeks, and I think I am done.
Do you have a threshold when sewing from patterns? I think sometimes I end up trying to do too many variations too soon, and end up with sewing binge and then I can’t bear to look at the pattern again! So I think I will put this back in the pattern tub for when the twins are the right age for it.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

When is a peplum not a peplum?

When it’s a pleatlum! Hee hee!

This is the first post in my Catching up With the Backlog series.
I made this top on a bit of a whim when we had a flush of lovely warm weather about a month ago. It has of course since returned to being bitterly cold, so this went straight into the wardrobe.
But today the sun shone again, the planets aligned and I had a wee window of time to get all gussied up. For me, that means putting the unwashed hair into a quick bun, cleaning the teeth and putting a slick of lip gloss on!
So the kids got herded onto the verandah, the big kid got free use of the phone camera for a bit and I have some nice new pics to show off!

Vogue 8906
pic from Vogue patterns
I cut a size 10, which seemed to be a tad on the snug side when I got to the side seams, so I sewed the sides using a 1cm s.a instead of 1.5cm and this worked out fine. I think going up a size would mean the top would end up being a bit too big.

Fabric and notions
Some kind of linen from the stash. It is a bit scratchy (even after being washed) so I suspect that it may be a home dec fabric. To counter the scratchiness I used a smooth cotton lawn for the facings.
Vintage buttons from the stash.

This was a super easy make. The trickiest part is transferring the pleat markings to the fabric, but after that it is all easy peasy sewing. I love the fit, I like the deep V neckline, and I love the peplum that is not really a peplum shape.
I don’t normally wear fitted at the waist tops, but this one is very comfortable and quite flattering. I will definitely make it again. Possibly in a silk, and in a plain colour for a bit of variety.
Now back to the sewing for the kids pile!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New/old jumpsuit for the big kid

Here is Miss C wearing her refashioned grunge era skirt as a jumpsuit ensemble!

The fact that she put it on hot off the sewing machine and didn’t take it off until bedtime makes it a win in my book!

Though there is not much to say about the pattern. It was super easy to make up. And I do love the fact that vintage patterns have only one size. It makes cutting out so much easier!

McCalls 6598, dated 1979

Cotton chambray that was once a skirt

I cut the front bodice so as to retain the button placket from the skirt. I am glad that I did this, as the jumpsuit would have been very plain without it.
No alterations at all. The pattern is a size 7, and probably a tad big for this summer, but that means Miss C will hopefully get two summers wear out of it.

I love it, she loves it, there will definitely be more!

In other news, I have a whole backlog of me clothes that I have sewn over the last couple of months. I am just lacking the motivation to actually wear them and take some decent pics.

Friday, August 9, 2013

This weeks project

Is to turn this hideous 90’s chambray skirt

into this cute 1970’s playsuit for the big kid.

The Sewing for Children Contest is on again over at Pattern Review and it is always a good way to get motivated to getting some things made for the kids.

While the skirt is pretty horrible, the fabric is lovely and soft and faded which is why I bought it in the first place. And with the pattern and the skirt both purchased from the op shop, it looks like the elastic and thread will be the most expensive part of the garment!