Saturday, August 17, 2013

New/old jumpsuit for the big kid

Here is Miss C wearing her refashioned grunge era skirt as a jumpsuit ensemble!

The fact that she put it on hot off the sewing machine and didn’t take it off until bedtime makes it a win in my book!

Though there is not much to say about the pattern. It was super easy to make up. And I do love the fact that vintage patterns have only one size. It makes cutting out so much easier!

McCalls 6598, dated 1979

Cotton chambray that was once a skirt

I cut the front bodice so as to retain the button placket from the skirt. I am glad that I did this, as the jumpsuit would have been very plain without it.
No alterations at all. The pattern is a size 7, and probably a tad big for this summer, but that means Miss C will hopefully get two summers wear out of it.

I love it, she loves it, there will definitely be more!

In other news, I have a whole backlog of me clothes that I have sewn over the last couple of months. I am just lacking the motivation to actually wear them and take some decent pics.


  1. Miss C looks very pleased with her jumpsuit and you did an excellent job with the refashion.

  2. Well done getting her to take it off at all! This is very cute.

  3. Thanks Sharon and Anon. I don't do refashions very often, they always seem more fiddly and time consuming than just cutting from a nice new piece of fabric. I think the preloved state of the skirt does help to make the jumpsuit nice and soft though, and a bit less brand new looking.