Saturday, August 24, 2013

When is a peplum not a peplum?

When it’s a pleatlum! Hee hee!

This is the first post in my Catching up With the Backlog series.
I made this top on a bit of a whim when we had a flush of lovely warm weather about a month ago. It has of course since returned to being bitterly cold, so this went straight into the wardrobe.
But today the sun shone again, the planets aligned and I had a wee window of time to get all gussied up. For me, that means putting the unwashed hair into a quick bun, cleaning the teeth and putting a slick of lip gloss on!
So the kids got herded onto the verandah, the big kid got free use of the phone camera for a bit and I have some nice new pics to show off!

Vogue 8906
pic from Vogue patterns
I cut a size 10, which seemed to be a tad on the snug side when I got to the side seams, so I sewed the sides using a 1cm s.a instead of 1.5cm and this worked out fine. I think going up a size would mean the top would end up being a bit too big.

Fabric and notions
Some kind of linen from the stash. It is a bit scratchy (even after being washed) so I suspect that it may be a home dec fabric. To counter the scratchiness I used a smooth cotton lawn for the facings.
Vintage buttons from the stash.

This was a super easy make. The trickiest part is transferring the pleat markings to the fabric, but after that it is all easy peasy sewing. I love the fit, I like the deep V neckline, and I love the peplum that is not really a peplum shape.
I don’t normally wear fitted at the waist tops, but this one is very comfortable and quite flattering. I will definitely make it again. Possibly in a silk, and in a plain colour for a bit of variety.
Now back to the sewing for the kids pile!


  1. Beautiful top and the fit is perfect. TFS.

  2. Nice top. I like those quick and gratifying sewing projects.

  3. Very pretty top and love the colour and non peplum look. Agree a size bigger would not be a good idea.

  4. This is lovely - it works with the crisper linen but will be even prettier in a drapey soft silky too. Nice soft pleaty thingies too.

  5. Wow - that's really pretty and I love the material you used - very boden-esque (in a good way! - I love Boden prints!) x