Saturday, October 5, 2013

Grunge......the second time around

Kate Moss! Seattle! Flannie shirts! Black skinny jeans! Doc Martens!
Old grunge............ pic from
What were you doing in 1991? And more to the point, what were you wearing?
I was a freshly minted design graduate, dressed in secondhand, too big ripped jeans, with a $7 flannie tied around my waist and black lace up boots bought from the army surplus store, sweating it out in the moshpit watching Nirvana at the very first Big Day Out in Sydney. I guess you could say that grunge was my hey day, in much the same way that baby boomers think of the ‘60’s as their glory days.
So it has been interesting seeing grunge turn up on the catwalks again.
New grunge........pic from
Even back then I remember thinking that while grunge seemed perfectly placed in the worlds of music and film, it was a much more difficult fit in fashion. In those days it worked for me and my friends as we had no budget for clothes (money was better spent on beer and getting into gigs!), everything we wore was either opshopped or sewn from scratch by necessity, so the idea of paying a lot of money for something that looked thrifted seemed a bit hard to swallow (this article is a good summary of the times and says it much better than I can).
So will I wear it the second time around? Well, I am getting into gear for some spring sewing, and I do have this navy and white stripe jersey fabric that reminds me of that time.
I am thinking a maxi dress (summer is forecast to be HOT) using this 1976 Simplicity pattern.
And while the younger me would have worn this with a sleeveless denim jacket and scuffed Docs, the older and dare I say more mature me, will probably see how it looks with a skinny leather belt and pretty sandals!