Thursday, November 21, 2013

Never too old for grunge maxi dress!

 As promised, here is the maxi dress from a couple of posts ago. I decided not to sew elastic in the waist and just use a belt to cinch it in. I like it with the belt, but I also like it without, especially for those really hot days or to pop on over my swimmers when we head to the pool.
Everyday styling

Back view

Too much Christmas pud styling!

Footy playing styling!
Here are the stats:
Pattern: Simplicity 7127
I made a few alterations to the pattern. Lengthened the dress to ankle length, this meant reducing the flare a tad so that the pattern piece would fit on the fabric. Omitted the pockets, used a grey marle ribbing to finish the neckline and armholes instead of bias binding and took the side seams in by 1.5cm as my fabric was a stretch instead of a woven.

Fabric: Vintage blue and white knit. Most probably some kind of cotton blend. This was a huge piece that I found at my local op shop. It was about 3m for the princely sum of $3, and I still have enough of a bit left for a tank top or a mini.

Sewing: Not much to say about this really. It is just two shoulder seams, two side seams, finishing the neckline and hem. I did everything on my four thread overlocker, except for the hem and topstitching, which I did on my regular machine.

All up, I am pretty happy with this. The dress cost me less than $5 and I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of this. I didn't prewash the fabric though, so I really hope nothing scary happens when it does go through the wringer!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Not skinny enough

I am talking about my pants of course! These were made using Vogue 8837, and the pants in the Vogue pic are much much skinnier than mine!

I was after a skinny, stretchy pant with an elastic waist, that was a bit more substantial than a legging. I don't know about you, but while I love the look and comfort of leggings, I always feel that there is not enough fabric between me and the world when I am wearing them! I don't mind so much at home, but I always feel a little exposed if I wear them out of the house.
And I really only chose to use this fabric to make my first pair because firstly, I had it in the stash, secondly, its black and white and will go with just about everything in my wardrobe, and thirdly, it is a very similar stretch to some denim that I have that I will use for my next pair. I am considering the option of dyeing them though as they are so very loud!
So while I am feeling a bit meh about these, they will get worn quite a bit and I will definately use this pattern again.
The full pattern review is here and in other news, the maxi dress is done, I am just dithering over whether to sew elastic to the waist or not.
Oh, and if I am looking a tad more surly than usual in these pics, that's because they were taken between dinner and bath time, not my finest hour for looking my best! And, if the tone of this post seems a little more surly than usual, it is past 11pm and the twins have only just gone to sleep!