Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another catch up post McCalls 5578

This is another pre Christmas make that has had a lot of wear over our brain searingly hot summer.

I bought the pattern back when I was preggers with Miss C, thinking that it would have been a good maternity frock, but I worked right up until about 5 days before she was born and didn’t end up sewing any clothes for myself at that time, heck I didn’t even have a nursery ready for her when she arrived!

So the pattern has been languishing in the stash since then. I have pulled it out a few times but never really had the right fabric. Until I found this great ikat style print on the $4 bargain table at Spotlight. I was a bit worried that the style of the pattern was a bit young and girly for me, but I think the big, loud print counters that effect!

And I have to say, I always get compliments when I wear this dress. It looks good by itself, over skinny jeans, and with a cardi or denim jacket, so I think I can safely say that it ticks the ‘versatile’ box!

Here are the stats

McCalls 5578 (now OOP).

Cotton ikat print.
Hailspot cotton voile used for the facings and pocket bags.
Vintage buttons for the back

I made View A in a size 12. This is made up right out of the envelope, no alterations at all. The fit is pretty good for me. The length could be a tad longer for better knobbly knee coverage, but only about an inch or so. I really like the proportion of the skirt to the hem band though, so I don’t know if I will change the length if I make it again.

The neckline is very wide and only just sits at the right spot for me. It does tend to gape a bit when I am moving around, so I might need to correct that on the next one.

I left the sleeve cuffs off because I didn’t think that they would really be seen in the busy print.

I had 2 metres of fabric, which was just enough. I had to cut the facings and pockets out of the cotton voile because this pattern is a bit of a fabric hog!


I don’t usually wear big loud prints, and I don’t usually wear high waisted, gathered girly dresses, but for some reason this combo seems to work for this dress! It is certainly a great dress for stinking hot summer days, and I definitely want some more, but maybe in a nice safe, plain linen! 


  1. This looks fantastic on you and can see the benefits for those horrid hot days. I like the length and the spotty voile for the pockets is lovely.

  2. Very cool dress, even better that it looks this great straight out of the packet!

  3. Love the dress and the fabric. Looks great on you. Like everyone here I sometimes complain about Wellington weather, but I'm thankful not to have had your summer.

  4. Thank you everyone! We have had a few days of rain this week, so a bit of respite from the heat, but I don't think summer is over yet!