Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sweet Feminine Clothes Top C

Apparently The Blonde One thinks that this is the most hilarious outfit she has ever seen!

Even the back is funny!

Now can we be serious please, we need to tell people about the pattern!

The top is pattern C from Sweet Feminine Clothes. I had assumed this was designed for stretch fabrics, but when I got about half way through the project it occurred to me that it is actually designed for wovens. The clue was in the instructions, which indicated that the neck and armhole bindings were to be finished by hand. I can’t imagine that this would be a good idea in a slippery, stretchy jersey!
Top C technical drawing

Hand sewn binding instructions

I made the size 13, which is the largest size in the book and needed a bit of tweaking due to my fabric being a stretch.So I

  • Raised the CF neck by 2cm
  • Took side seams in by 1cm
  • Took 3cm off the length

Instead of handsewing the binding, I used this technique to finish the neck and armholes.

The fabric is a lovely viscose grey marle jersey that was quite expensive when I bought it a few years ago. This is the 3rd garment I have made from the 2 metres I purchased though, so I think that it has been pretty good value.

The top is lovely to wear, the flared sleeve thingy gives good arm coverage, but is still nice and cool on a hot day. Because the top is so loose and boxy I didn’t use any stretch sewing techniques, and just sewed the seams with a straight stitch and then overlocked the edges. I did use a ballpoint needle though as this fabric does snag with a regular needle.

I am really happy with this top, it is the first me make for 2014, and as it is finally starting to cool down here, some tops with sleeves are definitely in order!


  1. Perfect timing for the cooling weather and the sleeves make it a very interesting t-shirt that can be dressed up or down.

  2. I really like this - and small blond people clearly see wings where mummy doesn't usually have them - well, I expect that would be the answer from the ones here - "mummy, you a bat!" ;) Lovely.

  3. Thanks for your comment MaciNic, now every time I wear this top I think of myself as a bat hee hee!