Thursday, March 27, 2014

These aren't my legs.......

They’re Miss C’s! 

I cut these leggings out the other night, and seeing as I didn’t have any other sewing ready to go (I can happily ignore the mending/alterations pile for another month or so!) I couldn’t wait until the start of KCW to sew them up.

They only took a day (in between school pickup, playgroup activities and a trip to the shops that is) to make up, they fit Miss C without any alterations, and the best bit is that she thinks they are pretty cool.

I made the 116cm size for Miss C, who is actually a smidge taller but skinny, so I am glad I didn’t cut a larger size. There is a bit of growing room for her, so hopefully we will get another seasons wear out of these.

Cotton elastane one way stretch denim. This is actually a dark navy/grey in real life. 

Sewing notes
I used a zig zig stitch to sew the crotch seam, I figured that this area would need a stretch stitch! All other seams are straight stitch with an overlocked edge.
Lengthened leg by 3cm for growing room.
Topstitched outside leg seams and waistband.
I used Kathleen Fasanella's excellent waistband elastic tutorial to do the waistband. If you have always struggled with pushing a safety pin through a waist casing, go check this out!

I really like the shaped waist on these pants, the front is a little lower than the back and this gives a really nice fit. Kids are always on the move, bending, jumping, doing cartwheels in the loungeroom etc, so that bit extra at the back comes in handy!

These are described by Burda as leggings, but they are not really. More like skinny pants. Next time I make these I think I will add some patch pockets on the back and maybe a mock fly to give more of a jeans look. They would be great made up in a ponte or other knit with a bit of body.

And I have just enough of this fabric leftover for a skirt. But I don’t really have a lot of skirt patterns for the big kid, so a trip around the op shops might be in order!

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  1. Great looking legs and agree they look fantastic on Miss C, well done.