Friday, May 9, 2014

Introducing the Lucy La La skirt pattern!

Free for you to download! Click here!

Finally, after a couple of weeks of computer wrangling, I have managed to get this pattern on the blog. I have to admit to being very behind the times when it comes to technology, I am still running XP on my computer for Pete’s sake! And I haven’t really had any need to do any fancy document work since I was last working, which is almost a decade ago (eep, where did that time go!) and I don’t have any graphics software on my current system so everything has been done by hand.

Still, the skirt is a cute style, Miss C loves her 2 versions to death and has been wearing them whether they are laundered or ironed or not, so I am more than happy to share this with anyone who fancies making one up for a loved one.

A few points before you download:

The skirt is only one size. I drafted this to fit Miss C who is a petite 7 year old, and the skirt is roughly equivalent to an Australian size 6.

You are more than welcome to grade the pattern up or down to fit. I haven’t done any proper grading since design school so it isn’t something I am confident to do at this time.

I have only ever made patterns that I have sewn myself. In other words, I have never been a production patternmaker, so I do tend to get a bit lazy with notches and other details. If there is anything missing that you think is essential to sewing this pattern successfully please let me know!

And the sewing instructions in the pdf are pretty brief. This is a fairly basic style and there isn’t really any tricky sewing techniques needed, but I will post a more detailed step by step sewing process with photos here on the blog in the next few days.

Oh, and if you are curious about the name, when Miss C was a preschooler we used to make up stories together when we were in the car or waiting around. One of the main characters was a girl called Lucy La La who had some great adventures, and who also had a sidekick, a spinning blue dinosaur who had the handy knack of being able to travel in time. I even wrote down a few of the stories and Miss C still remembers quite a few of the adventures that we made up, so I thought it was fitting to call this pattern after Lucy!


  1. It is super cute - and I've made one too! Shall blog it today. Lara at

  2. Thanks so much- found via Thornberry, I too have a petite 6 1/2 year old. this looks something even I can make... Liz