Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The dress dilemma

Dresses have always frightened me. When I was younger, dresses seemed to be for the older, more together kind of woman, the Mad Men type, with a proper job and responsibilities and you know, a lifestyle.

Now that I am older, I am afraid that the kind of dresses that appeal to me now are too young for me.

Last summer was the first time that I have really given some thought to making dresses for myself.

Out of the two dresses that I made, my ikat dress was worn just about every week and I always got compliments when I wore it. And it was supremely cool and comfy to wear.

The maxi was worn once to a special event. While I like the style, it is a bit more streamlined and grown up than the ikat, it is just to impractical for everyday.

This is currently my Favourite Dress of All Time, and is  similar to the high waist style of the ikat. But is this style really too young for me?
Chop Chop dress by Gorman

And the reason that I have dresses on my mind, is that I purchased some of Tessuti’s Jaywalk fabric from their current sewing competition.

I originally bought it thinking that I would put it into the stash and sew up a few simple tees for next summer. But when the fabric arrived, I realised that it was such a lovely quality that it probably deserved to be a bit more special than a T shirt.

Which brings me back to the dress dilemma. I only have 1 metre of each colourway so anything I make will have to combine both colourways, and the fabric is surprisingly heavy so anything too bulky ie with lots of draping or gathering might be tricky.

And there is only 2 weeks left before the deadline, so I really should stick with something that I know will fit and not be too tricky sewing wise. Or maybe I should just go back to sewing elastic waist leggings for the kids!


  1. The high waisted dress style really works on you, and the Gorman dress is quite similar to your lovely Ikat dress so I'm sure it would work and not look too young at all. I'm struggling to decide what to make from the jaywalk fabric too!

  2. I'm 55, and I would wear that style! So, ,,, no, not "too young" for you. If the dress used illusion netting to imply that you were bare-breasted, and were short enough that you scarcely dared breathe lest you exposed that you favor thong under-panties, THEN it would be "too young" for you. But that's just one woman's opinion.

  3. I think the Jaywalk will look divine in your Gorman inspiration - and the stripes are grown up, so yes, go for it & I can't wait to see your new dress!! It is heavy isn't it! It feels so divinely cool on, but I chickened out of making a dress ;)

  4. Thank you for your votes of confidence on the high waist style everyone. The other plus with this style is that there is minimal fitting involved heh heh!
    And your comment made me laugh Lynn, maybe if I tried the illusion netting I might get more compliments.....or maybe not!

  5. I love the Ikat dress on you, and it looks like you can work the maxi too. I too have trouble dresses - I never seems to know what works!

  6. Thanks for your comment Kathy, I do like how the maxi style looks, its just that I tend to get all tangled up in the fabric when I am wearing it!

  7. Are you kidding? Too young for you! I'm the same age & I live in dresses haha we aren't 83 haha 43 isn't old sandra! It looks great!!

  8. Thanks Karri, although some days I feel 83 heh heh!