Saturday, July 26, 2014

By bye Burda..........hello Pochee!

This is the year that I have finally said goodbye to my Burda subscription. I have been a subscriber since 2008, and realised that I now have a pretty good library of just about every skirt, pant, jacket and top pattern that I am ever likely to get from Burda.

I realised that I usually make only one or two patterns from each issue, and sometimes none at all, so in terms of my pattern budget it does end up being a bit of a luxury.

And now that Burda is releasing their new styles as individual downloads at Burdastyle, then I figure that if there is a pattern that is totally different to what I already have, I can download it when required. While I am a bit sad that I won’t be getting the glossy pattern goodness in my mailbox each month, I am happy that I have amassed a pretty great library of wearable patterns.

So what did I do now that I no longer subscribe? Go out and spend my money on more pattern books!

I noticed that Burda tends to have a fairly slim fitting style (think pencil skirts and narrow trousers) and I felt that I needed some basic, looser fitting styles, especially for summer.

So I ordered these three issues of Sewing Pochee magazine. Click on the links for more info as to what is inside.

I have to say though, that getting three at once has been a bit much, as there are a lot of patterns in each one and it is going to take a bit of time to digest what is inside.

But at first glance, the thing I am most impressed with is this handy little graphic, a key that shows you where each pattern piece for a particular style is on the pattern sheet, Burda please take note!


  1. I do start to wonder about my BWOF subscription but so far am hanging onto it. Interesting patterns and I do like the guide for the pattern. Look forward to seeing what you decide to make first.

  2. Very handy graphic indeed. I do hope BS is taking note! I too only purchase the BS that I now think I need because like you, Ive found many of their styles quite repetitive. Saying that though, the one issue I miss out on is normally the holy grail issue of fantasticness.

  3. Interestingly enough, I just saw this book the other day at JoAnn's. I looked through it and contemplated purchasing. Now that you've had if for awhile now, what do you think about it?

  4. While I have spent many nights gazing through these books I haven't made anything from them yet!But am hoping to get started on some for summer. I think working out the sizing may be the trickiest part.

  5. Where did you order your Pochee books? I've gotten a few on Ebay and Etsy, but was wondering if there was a regular place that stocks the newest issues - sort of how Ottobre Design works where you can order an annual subscription and get quarterly issues.

  6. Hi Mardee, thanks for your comment. I purchased these Pochee issues via,
    At the time they had quite a few issues but I don't think that they are a regular stockist. I am not sure if they can be purchased via a subscription, perhaps contacting the publisher directly might help? I think Amazon might be another source as well. HTH!