Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blog resurrection.....and McCalls 6991

Two years between posts certainly is a long break, and I have been umming and ahing about whether I would come back to this blog pretty much that whole time!

But here I am, and here is my latest project, a wrap top made from McCalls 6991.

Sewing notes

Pattern: McCalls 6991
I cut View A in a size 10 but it was way too big and I ended up needing to take in the side seams and taking up the shoulder seams. Next time I will cut the size 8 and see if that works out as a better fit.
I also had to add a CB seam to the lower bodice piece as I was a tad short on fabric.

Fabric: a lovely khaki green viscose crepe from The Remnant Warehouse's online store.

Verdict: I am really happy with this top. I think it works well dressed down with jeans and also will be a good work top with a dressier pair of pants. I think I might need more in a range of colours! The pattern itself is pretty quick to sew, although I did have a bit of a headscratching moment when trying to figure out how the drape front worked!

And now that all of my girls are in full time school, having time during the day to sew seems to be quite a luxury, although it is very quiet not having small people to chat to!

This also means that my clothing needs are changing, hopefully I can break out of the jeans and t-shirt habit and take on some more challenging sewing projects than kids leggings!


  1. Welcome back! Your pics can't be displayed... :(

  2. Thanks! Pics should be fixed now and thanks for the welcome back!

  3. So lovely to see you, and school pick-up and drop off will be your days.

    This top looks very versatile, but as you say the fullness is deceptive.

  4. These photos are amazing, loving these outfits